• 3001/27 Nazareth
  • +972 4 657 0040
  • info@casademarianaz.co.il
  • 3001/27 Nazareth
  • +972 4 657 0040
  • info@casademarianaz.co.il

Casa de Maria

hotel in nazareth

Casa de Maria is a cozy and comfortable hotel with oriental design and high quality service. Casa de Maria is located the historical center of Nazareth,  offering convenient proximity to many tourist attractions, picturesque views and unforgettable experiences.


Modern and comfortable rooms are decorated in a bright yet elegant style with tiled floors and wooden furniture. Each room has it's own bathroom.

All rooms are equipped with an LCD TV satellite channels, a mini- fridge and free Wi-fi.


and bar

During your stay at the hotel, you will start each day with a sumptuous breakfast that will take you through the flavors and aromas of Nazareth through a unique culinary experience. The menu of hotel consists of traditional and varied dishes prepared with fresh products from Galilee, including a selection of cheeses, vegetables, pastries, eggs, and a variety of soft and hot drinks.


at the center of history

Discover the city of Nazareth at the Hotel.Casa de Maria.

Our hotel is located in the heart of the old city, and you can go hiking and explore the magnificent Nazareth - one of the centers of world history. Or you can go on a tour of the holy places of Galilee - the cradle of Christianity


and conditions of accommodation

In addition, in our hotel you can enjoy moments of peace and quiet on the magnificent terrace or in the luxurious lounge, where you can also take advantage of Internet access, printer and fax, daily newspapers, international magazines and cable TV.